Why it’s okay for men to cry

Society has a weird view on what it means to be a man. Like, really weird. Men aren’t supposed to cry or ask for help or get emotional. That’s…”girly”. I mean, what do you call a woman who acts like a man? A “tomboy”. Let’s flip that around. What do you call a man who acts more like a woman? There aren’t any words for that kind of person.

Scratch that. There aren’t any good words for that type of person.

It’s funny. Men who show emotion are labeled as weak. People say things such as “grow a pair” to guys who act that way. It’s as if we’re expected to die atop our white horses rather than have the luxury of being allowed to fall off.

I’ve had people tell me that I’m “too sensitive” before. In fact, I’ve once had someone close say to me “Steven, stop crying. Only girls cry as much as you do.” That didn’t make me feel any better. Instead, I held it in until they were gone. Then I cried harder.

What happens to men who can’t hold it in anymore? It comes out anyway. It has to. Sometimes it comes out in a more positive way, such as if you’re able to find a good friend or a professional therapist who is willing to listen to all of that and just help you process it. But sometimes, it comes out through self-harm or by harming others. That’s the worst of all.

Society has a really messed up view on what it means to be a man. I believe differently. I believe it’s okay for men to be emotional. To cry when needed. To ask for help. Forget what society says. Ask for help when needed and don’t hold all of that stuff in. Because you’re worth it.

I’m willing to listen to you.

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