Hi, I’m Steven Zawila– INFJ and Quiet Romantic.


For a long time, I had felt like being an introvert made dating more difficult. It almost felt like some sort of curse upon my dating life. I didn’t know how to meet women after I had graduated from college, since every day after work I was comfortable just going home and reading a book or enjoying some video games in the quietness of my own home. Was something wrong with me?

If I wanted to talk to a woman, a lot of times I would think about all the bad things that could happen and just plain psyche myself out of talking to her.

“She’s probably not interested” or “she probably already has a boyfriend” I would tell myself.

If I did try to talk to her, I would either run out of things to say or I would just end up asking her more and more questions until it felt like a job interview instead of a conversation.

And flirting? Don’t even get me started, I had no idea how to flirt. How are you supposed to do it? How do you recognize the difference between flirting and being friendly?

Getting dates is rough for an introverted man. Women naturally get approached just for being there, while introverted men are still expected to be the initiators even though it’s often terrifying to do so. Many extroverts just seem to get their perfect relationships handed to them on a silver platter just for living their normal lives.

Are we required to make ourselves more extroverted or go down the PUA route in order to find love?

Thankfully, we don’t have to.

I’m here to tell you that there’s another way for introverts to get the relationships we want. An ethical, honest, natural way.

It doesn’t involve making yourself more extroverted.

It doesn’t involve turning into a jerk.

It doesn’t involve trying to become more “alpha” or using those sleazy PUA tactics.

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