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A letter to a friend with Amin Lakhani

A fellow blogger I know named Amin Lakhani wrote a very vulnerable post describing his most recent breakup. Based on what he wrote, I couldn’t help but reach out to him and offer my thoughts. Feel free to read his post for yourself if you like, but I’ll give you the TL:DR version here:

Amin himself is wheelchair-bound, and he basically says that he started 2018 by breaking up with a woman he was dating and then wondering if he had just made the biggest mistake of his life. He describes her as a very emotionally mature woman but says that he never felt challenged and became bored with her, which ultimately led him to break it off. He compares her to another woman he dated who provided more of a challenge and laments that his most recent ex couldn’t have been more like this other woman.

After I read his post I sympathized with his pain but I also couldn’t agree with a lot of what he was saying. I wrote him a letter expressing my condolences and explaining the things I disagreed with. You can read it for yourself below.

Pay attention to how I talk about:

  • The science behind love and the three types of attachment systems
  • What it means to have an anxious, avoidant, and a secure attachment system
  • Why playing games in a relationship is a sign of insecurity rather than strength
  • Why men and women are sometimes attracted to people who play games, even though this leads to drama and conflict
  • How the scripts we received during our younger years shape the way we see relationships when we are older

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Overcoming Your Fear and Emotions Around Women with Max Nachamkin

This week on Friday Romantics we have Max Nachamkin. Max is a dating coach with a spiritual perspective and he authored one of the most successful posts of all time on the Dating Advice subreddit. His approach to dating is what he calls “The Anti-Method”.

Below, pay attention to how we talk about:

  • The one crucial thing that most dating advice and coaches miss
  • How to do The Anti-Method
  • Overcoming your emotions by “doing nothing”
  • Why a fear based mindset is counterproductive and how to move past it
  • How to meet women even if your hobbies are more introverted (like reading or playing games)
  • Letting women come to you rather than trying to attract them

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Dating Quality Women with Brian Pippard

The Friday Romantics series continues! (Yes, I know today is Saturday). This week’s Romantic is Brian Pippard from Brian helps men meet and date the woman of their dreams instead of settling for someone that they’re not really interested in.

Below, pay attention to how we talk about:

  • What it means to date a quality woman and why it’s important
  • How to tell if the woman you’re with is a quality woman
  • Why it’s important not to “lower your standards” just because you’ve never had a girlfriend and what to do instead
  • Why we naturally attract people who are like us, and what to do if we don’t like that type of person
  • His three pieces of advice on how to talk to women
  • Three ways to become more confident around women

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Social Skills with Jeremy Kochis

Welcome to my brand-new series, Friday Romantics! This is a new series where I interview dating experts to learn their secrets.

Today’s Romantic is Jeremy Kochis. Jeremy runs the website where he helps introverted men overcome their social obstacles and become skilled at dating to find fulfilling relationships.

Jeremy is one of my friends and he was super supportive of me when I first set out to grow my website. He coaches men one-on-one with dating (something that I’ve never done before as of writing this) and I had the honor of formally meeting him last September at a conference in Chicago called Forefront 2017.

Below, pay attention to how we talk about:

  • Jeremy’s three recommendations on talking to women, naturally
  • How he expanded his social circle and made more male and female friends even when he didn’t know anybody after college
  • His one biggest piece of advice when it comes to finding a girlfriend, which will naturally make you more attractive and confident around women
  • His approach on coaching men with dating and one of his success stories
  • How he overcame his shyness and social anxiety

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